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Alex Mart: Lover of Food & Home Cook
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Hi! I am the Founder of the Sensitivity SuperPower Revolution. One of my sensory superpowers is bringing together delicious combinations of healthy, fresh ingredients… which gave rise to this project, Friend Your Blender.

The core idea = Whirling up a bunch of ingredients is one of the fastest, simplest ways to get more lean, clean & whole foods into your body so you can feel lighter and more energized now.

I also host Sensual Cooking Feasts in my North Berkeley home, to ignite in others what I find to be so beautiful & exciting about being a highly sensory being. I bring the play & mindfulness into food to help healthy (or aspiring to be) foodies master the intuitive art of healthy, simple, gorgeous home cooking.
Eating is just one aspect of Self-Care

photo (8)I’m a former emotional eater and have finally come to own that I am a highly sensitive person. My journey through perfectionism, disordered eating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, sugar addiction, binging, emotional breakdown, and, finally, an episode of passing out on an airplane, has taught me that taking radical, loving care of yourself is not superficial.

Self-care is the basis to your quality of life.

To me, that starts with eating delicious, healthy food. You’ve heard that your body is a temple. But, even before that, it’s your vehicle for life, for everything you experience.
Intuitive Self-Care Coaching

photo (6)In my Intuitive Self-Care coaching practice, I help sensitive women reclaim their sensitivity as a superpower and cultivate a self-care routine that keeps them balanced and healthy.

I bring my wealth of personal practices, intuitive coaching skills, and immense collection of tools I’ve collected along the way to help other sensitive women discover how to source their energy from within, to develop an intimate trust with their body and intuition, and to craft a lifestyle that fuels them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s all connected. This is holistic health and lifestyle coaching.

It’s for sensitive, intuitive and empathic women who are tired of feeling depleted by the end of the day and overwhelmed by other people’s energy. Experiencing a deeply sustainable and energized life is not covered by mainstream models of healthy living.

These women want a self-awareness, a routine and a collection of tools that allows them to feel prepared, sane and centered no matter what the day brings. I frequently work with coaches, therapists and healers to assist them with boundaries and energy grounding so they can stay clear and focused for their clients, and have energy left for themselves at the end of the day.

But feeling good always starts with feeding yourself what you need and want, on all levels.
Education & Experience

alex cooking class whole foodsAlex has a BA in Women’s & Gender Studies from Rutgers University. She is a Certified Health Coach (via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition) & an AADP member, with additional training in the Transformational Coaching Method (a set of NLP techniques designed to help clients break free of old habits & establish new ones), &  Energy Leadership Training (a scientifically-founded energetic method integrating thought, emotion & behavior) from iPEC.

She has been coaching women since 2011 and has cooked for yoga retreats, private events, and Whole Foods classes. She grew up with an Italian grandma and a backyard garden, both being the inspiration for the food and lifestyle she brings to her clients now. Slow food, connected with the seasons, respectful of the Earth, attuned to personal appetite.
Connect with Me
I invite you to visit my website, Sensitive & Loving It or send me an email here:


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