Refreshingly Tart Green Smoothie

This green smoothie doesn’t give you a sugar rush from the pineapple, mango and banana we so often see. Tropical fruits tend to be very high glycemic, which can give you a quick energy rush, but is usually followed by a crash. Which won’t get you through the day. I think we all need to make it through!

I’ve balanced this smoothie with healthy doses of protein, fat and carbs so you’ll have sustained energy. It uses fruits that are low-glycemic (apples, berries, and peaches/stone-fruit). This smoothie is refreshing from the fresh tart flavors of lemon and berries. I also love adding herbs like basil and parsley to this. Experiment with your own additions (cucumbers, squash?).

Makes 1 serving.

1/2 cup water
juice of 1 lemon or lime
2 tablespoons chia or hemp seeds
1/2 avocado

1-2 stalks celery
2 big handfuls kale or spinach leaves
1 peach, plum or apple, pit/core removed (fresh or frozen)
1/2 cup berries (fresh or frozen, strawberries are my favorite)

Add ingredients in the order listed above. Always load your blender with liquids on the bottom, solids in the middle and frozen ingredients on top for best blending.

Pulse to start then blend until smooth. When I want some texture to chew on, I add another stalk of celery or a small handful of nuts or whole cooked grains (like brown rice or quinoa) and pulse a few times just to mix through without pulverizing.

*Note that adding black or other deeply pigmented berries may change the color of your smoothie.


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